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Techno-Chat-Technical Institute is an

ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.


Techno-Chat-Technical Institute is born with an idea to provide the best in class services in the field of

  • Engineering consultancy services for various industries

  • Technical job oriented training

  • Design and construction of Pre-Engineered Building

  • Supply of Equipment & Packages to Industries like oil & gas, power, chemical  etc

  • Skilled Manpower recruitement services



  • Providing an world class training on current industrial technology and design practice

  • Achieve higher client satisfaction for our Engineering services 

  • High quality Pre-engineered building



  • Utilize our expertise to the great extent to train and build best engineering professionals for various industries

  • With inherently safe design approach provide high quality engineering consultancy

  • Adopt best in class technology for construction of Pre engineered building